-- Deafness and CIs

Most hearing people don't know about the wonderful world and culture that calls itself "Deaf," not to be confused with "deaf," which is simply a deficiency in hearing. It may be unfathomable to some that people who identify themselves as Deaf sincerely are happy with their 4 working senses and wouldn't ask to hear even if they had the opportunity. As such, the cochlear implant surgery in young babies is very controversial. I have spent a great deal of time among the Deaf culture and researching the medical community's perspective. I interviewed parents and children on both sides of the issue. I went to seminars. Our family did not take this surgery lightly. Please feel free to visit some of the posts that are particularly helpful in discovering why our family made the decisions we did:

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And, a wonderful ray of hope for the success of the human spirit over any challenge or controversial cultural issue:
I Finally Met One!

If you are struggling with a child who has a hearing impairment, or with a decision about oral school vs. ASL, you are welcome to contact me at natalie (at) nataliehunsaker (dot) com.