Sunday, October 26, 2008

Close Call

I'm continually amazed at the Lord's tender mercies.  Little Brynn had a close call last night when I drank just PART of a Mountain Dew to ease a headache.  Apparently, since I NEVER drink caffeine in any form (thus why it is so effective for removing my headaches), Brynn's little body went on overload.  After her heart rate drastically dropped and then shot up to practically 30 beats per minute faster than the highest normal range, the doctor nearly called an emergency C-Section to get her out of there.  The doctor didn't think the caffeine would have anything to do with her spike but luckily he held off for a few hours before making a decision.  Matt and I kept a close eye on the monitor and waited for the caffeine to clear my system.  When it did, Brynn's heart rate gradually came back to normal and re-stabilized.  

I was just surprised to be reminded that even though things are going so well, the situation is still fragile and every day I stay pregnant really is a gift from God.  Tomorrow I will be 25 weeks, which is a really good milestone and I am extra grateful to be making it that far.

I'm also grateful for my dear husband who held my hand while we watched the monitors and listened to Brynn's heart beat.  For the first time since the night of my water breaking, I began to feel a little worried--but Matt confirmed my original feeling of comfort by saying that he felt at peace.  Since Matt is SUPER protective of Brynn--he even gets nervous when I shift in the bed or push on my stomach because he thinks just the tiniest movement could discomfort the baby--his calming influence in this circumstance was a welcome reassurance.  My faith returned and we held hands until we finally fell asleep.

I am so lucky to have a husband who is full of faith and compassion for me and our pending family.  I am so lucky to have my Savior Jesus Christ to give me His peace even amidst touch-an-go circumstances--and I know it's not my own manufactured peace because I am not capable of producing it alone!

As a last note, may I suggest to other moms: think before you drink caffeine!  Matt says it's no wonder so many kids have ADHD--they've all been wired from the  beginning!



Marie said...

Wow, Natalie! That brought tears to my eyes!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Natalie for this update. What a sweet testimony to us of the power of prayer and faith.

Cori Henderson said...

You guys are so amazing. Hang in there! I loved reading this.

Dana said...

It's so wonderful to hear that everything is still going smoothly and that you are at peace that it will all be okay. Little Brynn is a trooper. I am so happy that it will be 25 weeks tomorrow. love ya!

Grant said...

We're praying for you guys. Baby Brynn is so lucky to have you two. Bryn's a great name by the way! (that's my wife's name). Hang in there.

Grant and Bryn Stucki

Gary and Joanne said...

Matt and Natalie,
You are in our thoughts and we are praying for little Brynn. Thanks for your detailed blog to keep us all informed. Love, Aunt Joanne

Anonymous said...

Keep hanging in there, Natalie!! I've been praying and thinking of you, your husband and your little baby out here in Provo. I miss seeing you on Sundays!!

~Dawn Edelen