Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos at Last!

I finally figured out how to include photos!  Sorry it took so long!  Here is Little Brynn.  The ear muff is to keep out noises that irritate her and the mask is to save her eyes when they do her jaundice treatment under the blue lights.
A little closeup to give perspective.  The ring on her finger is Natalie's (size 4).  
Natalie's first time changing Brynn's diaper!  In a few months, it probably won't be as fun :) 
Brynn's first Halloween Costume.  She's Princess Leia with blonde buns and the mask she wore in Return of the Jedi on the speedy hover crafts.  Either that, or my brother says she looks like an aircraft ground controller--and I must say I agree.


Lori said...

Happy Halloween! We are so glad you finally posted pictures of Brynn. She really is so tiny and precious. How do they have diapers small enough to fit her? We love you all and are always praying for you!

Natalie said...

Actually, they have these teeny, tiny diapers that quite honestly still drown her--but I've got one as a souvenir so you can see it the next time we get together! What's REALLY tiny is her little blood pressure cuff. It's less than one inch thick, plus maybe three or four inches long and just wraps around her tiny little bicep. It is SO adorable!

Heather said...

oh my baby niece is sooooo adorable!!! She is a sweetheart!!! Her tiny fingers are still unfathomable to me, I wish I could be there in person! I love you guys! Yay I am an aunty once more!!!!!!

Bodacious Barlows said...

Natalie and Matt, She is beautiful! She's the perfect addition to your family, and what a tough chick! You have such amazing faith and trust in the Lord. We love you and you are in our prayers.