Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lots of Good News from Baby Brynn Lynda

Well, Matt and I figured we had better step up our name-choosing game. The winner is: Brynn Lynda and we're certain she's already inheriting her grandmother, Lynda's, fighting spirit from the get go.

It's unlikely that anything could look better for our situation. Brynn's heart rate continues to be in really good condition, I have not had ONE contraction to date (and I'm not even on the drugs to stop them anymore), I've gotten rid of all my IVs (phew), and to top it all off, my fluid is leaking slower and slower now. It's rare, but it looks like I have a good chance to build up at least a little fluid so Brynn can swim a little bit in there. Although I've been informed it's not possible for the sac to heal itself and completely re-accumulate all the fluid, it's likely that Brynn's head is blocking the point of exit, allowing only minimal fluid to escape and some fluid to build up.

In my first ultrasound, we even saw little Brynn trying to exercise her lungs already--which is common for all babies in utero, but rarer for one at only 24 weeks. So that is super encouraging. It's almost as if she knew she was going to be early and she started working on her exercise routine ahead of schedule!

I am in very good spirits. Well, I'll admit I panicked at first--you can imagine a routine nightly trip to the bathroom turning into a total upheaval of expectations, not to mention being all alone since Matt was on business in New York! But since I had a chance to collect my thoughts and say some silent prayers, I've been filled with a sense of absolute peace. As a natural worry wart, I can only assume God's giving me a wonderful gift of faith and optimism.

I feel 100% willing to accept whatever happens and content to take things day by day. But I must say that even though I wouldn't categorize it as "getting my hopes up," I just keep feeling like everything is going to be just fine and Brynn will be a healthy little squirt complete with tantrums and runny noses when the time comes! I'm so looking forward to being her mother and am happy for this time in the hospital to reflect about the wonderful blessings ahead.

All my love,


Cori Henderson said...

I'm so glad that things are going so well for you! I pray that everything turns out well. That must have been scary being all alone to have that happen. I wish you the best and can't wait to hear more good news!

kgordon67 said...

Hello Matt, Natalie, and little feisty one!! You all are in our prayers that this lovely little girl will follow directions at a very early age and stay put for just awhile longer!! Please let us know if you need ANYTHING!! We can house sit, cat sit(can't take madison because she would try to sneak him back to our house!), whatever!! Take care of yourself!!

Love and God Bless!

Dallas, Kelly, Madison, and Lake

Cheryl said...

So sweet Natalie!

TiAnn said...

Natalie & Matt,
I'm glad to hear things are going well for little Brynn, and we'll be praying that she keeps "baking" for at least a few more weeks. You're attitude is always inspiring, we're thinking of you!

Alida B. said...

I love the beautiful name. You are seriously the sweetest, most lovingly optimistic person I have ever met. I could never picture you with a a frown which is why I am not surprised you are doing so well. You have amazingly strong faith! I am praying for you, Matt and little Brynn! :)

Emily said...

Matt and Natalie, We're so happy to hear that everything is going so well! This sweet post brightened our whole day. You have been in our prayers since we first heard. We'll keep praying.
Dennis and Emily