Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just for those who are wondering, our tests went well--although we won't receive the results for a week or so. We stayed 24 hours in the hospital while the pH probe continuously read Brynn's esophogeal acidity levels. Anything above a 4 (up to 7) was considered normal, anything below (to 1) was considered reflux. She was a good sport since the probe went down like her NG tube and it probably felt all the same to her. It was interesting to see that although many kids get reflux most often on a full belly (lots of food to come through the sphincter), Brynn's lowest scores were consistently on a near-empty or totally empty stomach. That would explain why she often vomits 2 hours after a feed.

When they did the upper GI endoscopy ("scope" for short), they didn't see any visible irritation, but took eight tiny samples of her GI lining for biopsy--two from her esophogus, two from her stomach, and four from her small intestine. These samples will let us know if she has irritation not visible to the scope camera. Interestingly enough, the biopsies will be able to determine just about everything about any possible cause for irritation--whether it be allergy, contaminate, bacteria, acidity, etc.

We're hoping the results come back telling us she has only a fair amount of reflux so we can spare her the Nissen Fundoplication ("Fundo" for short). This operation often causes more problems than it solves. Please, oh please, just the G-tube, thank you.


Lori said...

I hope they can solve little Brynn's problems and make her tummy feel better. It was so nice to see you at church today. I miss you.

alexandrea said...


I only read a few of your posts but had to leave you a coment.
My little one came home a a ng feeding tube, I notive you were needing a order number, but also noticed your daughter will be getting a mickey button.
Any way, I still have one feeidng tube in a package with a order number, not sure if it is what you are using though.
it is a viasys enternal feedign tube (yellow tube with a clear with a pink cap)36in neonatal #20-1365
, if you want to know more, post me a note, i can send pics.
Good luck with your little one

Mommy P said...

I'm thinking about you and hoping Brynn's tummy troubles get under control soon!

Pieces of me... said...

I'm glad things are better. My dad told me that she had to go back. I got your blog from Grandma and Grandpa. It's been too long and wanted to connect with you and say HI! :) You guys are in our prayers and hearts.

Kristy Lindgren said...

I just want to tell you your journal is helping me a lot right now.
My sister delivered a 1.6 pound little girl yesterday at 1:44 pm at morgantown university in Wv.

She was exactly 25 weeks.
We started a page for her and then someone who had read her page knew of Brynn.
This is so hard for all of us right now but your journal is helping me cope a bit. Along with reading the bible. God Bless you and your family

John, Susan & Tyler said...

Natalie and Matt, you two have been on a ride most of us will never go on! You have our complete admiration. You are heroes in our eyes. But not just you two...oh, no....Brynn is right up there with you. She is amazing (and absolutely gorgeous). To see what she goes through just to get some nourishment each day is nothing but inspiring...and then you can get a smile out of her! Wow! She's awesome. We need to change your name from the Hunsakers to the Incredibles. Love ya...