Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Bigger

Because most women want to be thin, I know the intentions are good when people say, "You're such a skinny pregnant lady. You're hardly showing!" But if I get any wise cracks about how small my belly is at 28 wks, I might break out the big stick and forget to speak softly. Okay, I'm being slightly sarcastic ... but c'mon ... I'm working hard on growing this kid and I want some credit! So, if you've ever wanted to tell a pregnant lady she's a HUGE FATSO, now is your GOLDEN opportunity :)

Man, I love this kid:

Good thing curiosity won't kill her this time:

Poor Grandpa is pooped from chasing her around! Thanks for all your help, Dad:

Still Pregnant!


The Lingo Family said...

You look "swell". :)

Brynn is adorable!

Walden Mommy said...

Brynn is looking too cute these days!

You look adorable, Natalie! Awesome work on making it to 28 weeks- here's to many more!

Anna said...

You look great! I loved having a big baby belly. And Brynn is just adorable!! She has beautiful eyes and she's always doing something entertaining with her cute little mouth.

Alyson said...

You're looking huge, Fatso! Here's hoping next week you look even huger. All my phalanges are crossed.

Angela Hill said...

man, are there 2 babies in there?!! geesh you're huge!!! congrats on the baby bump, keep up the good work!

Audrey said...

I'm going to try and make it downstairs tomorrow to see that huge belly in person!

Kirsten said...

I think you look just right....definitely not too small...and you're definitely showing! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You look like a beached whale! Congratulations!

Katie Ford said...

I feel your pain... I've always been told that I don't even LOOK pregnant... and you know me with the 3 kids... remember my angry venting n my facebook when I was about 30ish weeks with Angelika and this lady told me I'm not eating enough for 2? So you look GREAT!!!! Beautiful!

Brady and Rachel said...

Brynn is SO ADORABLE! What a "GREAT" Grandpa! What a blessing to have such wonderful family on both sides. You are also a lot bigger than I would have thought you would be at 28 weeks. :)