Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Round Two: Baby #2 Surprise!

Wow! Ready for round two? Surprisingly, I actually do feel ready--at least as ready as a person can be. Okay, so here's my new format (since I tend to be wordy and not everyone cares to read my lengthy journal). First, I’ll give a summary; and then I’ll give the details below:

I went in for a routine ultrasound and the Dr. saw that the length of my cervix is shortening (bad news). He immediately admitted me to the hospital and I am here on bed rest for an undetermined amount of time. My water is not broken (VERY BIG PLUS) but I did start contractions and I am dilated to 1 cm. Thanks to a powerful drug, the contractions are down and I am stable. So, as for plans, house, Brynn, family coming to help, etc, . . . pretty much everything is up in the air. We're just trying to take things one day at a time and are still in the process of making decisions. Due to the volume of wonderful family and friends who love us, I simply can't return all of my calls, texts, and emails. Since so many people want to and have offered help, the best thing we can ask for right now is just a little bit of space and time. We will call you if we need you and have something for you to do; but probably won’t have the opportunity to call each of you personally for updates. Thank you SO much for your willingness to help and please feel free to check this blog for news. I am having a lot of trouble with my internet connection at the hospital, but I will do my best to keeping these updates consistent.


I went in for a routine ultrasound and the doctor should be seeing this:

At all my previous ultrasounds, that long, closed cervix is what they saw so everything was progressing wonderfully and I had every reason to believe this would be an uneventful pregnancy.

At Monday’s ultrasound, however, the doctor saw this:

This is shortening and funneling of the cervix is bad for two reasons. First, the little pocket created by the funnel makes it easy for the water sac to break (what may have caused Brynn’s water to break); and second, because it only takes a few teensy weensy contractions to get the teensy-weensy 24/25-week baby past that little cervix and into the birth canal (precisely what happened with Brynn even though I was on close hospital monitoring).

So basically, I’m already dialated to 1 cm—which is pretty normal for a second pregnancy, and not usually a big deal—but for me it just makes it that much easier for this baby to come out. This means at least 4 weeks of hospital bed rest—which if it is uneventful and I am totally stable—will be followed by 4-6 more weeks of home bed rest. If I am not totally stable, I will be here in the hospital for the next 8-10 weeks. They will have super-close monitoring of any contractions during that time.

Since spaced, light contractions are normal with any given pregnancy our biggest aim is just for as few as possible to occur. I’ll be on and off the magnesium (as well as other less-severe drugs) as the doctors see fit and the contractions require. We also definitely want zero hard contractions.

Magnesium is the wonderful, awful drug they use to stop contractions once they get worrisome. This drug makes me VERY sick—the doctors say I get even more sick than the normal woman (because I’m too skinny and have a high metabolism). I can’t stress enough that I probably won’t be in a super great condition to return a lot of personal calls, texts, or emails at any time that I am on this drug. In fact, in all likelihood, my phone will be off and I will be concentrating solely trying not to puke and getting what little sleep I can. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

We are overwhelmed by the support and love we have already received. Thank you for your offers to help. We love you all.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry this is happening again. I know you'll do what it takes but four weeks in the hospital...ughh. Whatever help you need, we are here. Care attendants, packing, cleaning, whatever...4 weeks and counting. You can do it!

Elizabeth said...

P.S. Laughing about the diagrams. Only an artist would use visual aides. So funny.

Erica said...

We are praying that baby girl stays in as long as possible! We love you guys!
Landon and Erica

Tapper said...

I'm sorry for what you are dealing with. When I drove past the hospital today I had a strong, unexpected memory of sitting alone in my room for weeks, and the horror of the magnesium and the stress of the uncertainty. Maybe I was feeling you sitting in the hospital. I know you need some breathing space but I want you to know that I know that I am thinking of you. If you need company or someone to talk to I will be there in a heartbeat. I used to ask women to come braid my greasy unwashed hair so I didn't have to think about it. Sometimes women stopped by at lunch time just to tell me a story. I would do any of that for you. I hope you get a miracle.

Alyson said...

My babies always had to be coaxed to come out after week 40, and you have reminded me vividly why that was such a blessing. I wish you and baby two all the best, and I hope they can keep that bun in the oven!

Smith said...

Thanks for giving us all the details, Natalie. I can only speak for myself, but I'm glad to know more detail and be able to pray more specifically for you. So no need to apologize about that. I'm thankful that you'd go to the trouble of writing the blog in the midst of such misery and difficulty. Hang in there. Glad to hear you have so much support and help there to get you through this.
~Bonita Smith

Brady and Rachel said...

The Lord is caring for you no doubt, especially by the fact that you surprisingly feel ready (or as ready as you can be at this point). That is a blessing! You will be strong and you will be so blessed. Hang in there. Glad to know you are so well loved and taken care of.

Team Piggott said...

Oh my Natalie. I am so praying your little one stays in there for quite a while longer. Keep your spirits up, God will work it out.
Love ya momma!

Patricia said...

Love you dearly, Natalie. Prayers for all four of you. ♥

Pieces of me... said...

You and the baby will definitely be in our prayers.