Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Rollercoaster

I haven't written for a while--mostly because I had a roller-coaster weekend. Saturday, I had some contractions flare up that weren't really stopping even with the Procardia. Eventually, by about 2 AM, they did get slow enough to avoid going on Magnesium; but the doctor felt it was really important I get some sleep and prescribed a drug called Vistaril. Supposedly, it helps with sleep and relaxing the uterus.

Holy cow. Never again, if I can help it.

Turns out Vistaril's half-life is 20-25 HOURS, which means I was pretty much sleeping for two solid days. My mind and body were both total mush.

I have done absolutely nothing productive over the whole course of the weekend--other than staying pregnant which is the most important "work" I can do so I don't feel too bad about that part. Still, it's nice to finally feel up to doing something else today besides napping and watching movies.

FYI, the doctors and nurses still inform me that my contractions are common among women in my circumstance and that keeping women like me pregnant until a safe gestational age is still likely, despite my body's determination to go into labor. So, I'll take my chances and hang on--at the very least until 32 weeks.

I got this little charmer for my bad behavior:

And here you can see my daily monitoring plus a couple wristbands with bar-codes (in case I try to sneak out and trade beds with another mom):

Three Cheers for still being pregnant!


Erica said...

Keep up the good work Natalie. It must feel like forever to you. We wish you and that baby the best!

Tiffany said...

I'll toast to that! (Still be pregnant that is)