Sunday, September 26, 2010

Party in Room 3406!

A few of my good NICU Mom buddies dropped their plans last minute to celebrate 32 weeks with me. After some yummy ice cream, a fiasco with the impossible-to-open sparkling grape juice, Steph on speaker phone, and some good laughs about things only NICU Moms joke about, we ended the night with a fun photo.

L to R: Morgan, Me + belly, Jenn, and Laura:

Wasn't Jenn nice to leave room for my HUGE belly? By the way, now I have several eye witnesses that it looks bigger in real life than in photos. So there.

Thank you everyone for coming to see me--and to those who wished they could have made it. You guys make bed rest so much FUN!



Jenn Ross said...

Haha! I was totally leaving room in case you wanted to photo shop a ginormous belly and freak people out!! Fun night!

Mommy P said...

I had a wonderful time and can vouch that your belly looks much bigger in real-life than in the photo!