Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taste of Home

It's a good thing Matt is so flexible. Daddy's real home office is taken over by Grandpa B in the guest room; and his makeshift home office is less than professional. On a very rare occasion (we try hard to give him peace and quiet so he can do well at his new job), he gets interrupted by a little munchkin:

I decided that for a Halloween costume this year, our munchkin will be Brynnie-Lou Who, who was not more than two:

Okay, so I'd love to do something else but can I get at least a little slack for being anti-festive this year? I have just a few other things going on. Although it's really too bad because Halloween is my favorite holiday!



Lori said...

I saw at least 2 smiles from Brynn in those photos. So precious! I love it!

Brady and Rachel said...

That smile is AWESOME!!! Love it! You can have all the slack in the world.