Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Preschool Therapy?

One of the biggest reasons I was nervous about the oral school in KS, as well as one of the reasons we wanted to move back to UT, is that they required EIGHT hours of therapy in a classroom setting everyday for little 3 and 4 year olds. Now, I realize that in a culture of working mothers whose attitude is "kids adapt to being away from mom," that this is no big deal. Heck it's a perk that you get therapy and daycare in one, right?

But I am a stay-at-home mom for a reason. Kids adapt, yes, but that doesn't mean adapting to detachment is good either for the child, the mother, the family, or society as a whole. I don't mean to discourage some mothers who, because of circumstance, simply must work. But shall we refrain from saying that driving safely is better than getting in a car accident just because it might make some people who have been in accidents feel badly about their situation? No. Children belong with Mommies. I used to blow this off, but the longer I am a Mom, the more I believe what I've heard all my life.

Anyway, Utah's oral school for the Deaf only requires 4 hours a day for therapy. Just recently, though, I've even started to get nervous about that.

Really nervous.

I just don't understand what a state program can do for my daughter that I can't do from home. Surely the therapy they'd do is something I could duplicate or even surpass, right? I thought this article was particularly interesting.

I know the teachers are good people and I know they're trained specifically for CI recipients. I know their heads are full of education and resources that I don't yet have. But wouldn't acquiring their basic skill set and preserving my mother-daughter relationship with Brynn be better than what their professional skill set could offer?


Alyson said...

That was an interesting article! Makes me feel great as a homeschooler. ;) I think you're doing an amazing job w/ Brynn. I think 4 hours is a huge improvement over 8. And beyond that... I have no opinion. I don't know what I would do in your situation, but what I would do is even irrelevant. I just wish you and Matt the best of luck (and inspiration) as you decide. You're doing great so far!

TiAnn said...

Well said Cousin! You're a wonderful Mommy, & I couldn't agree more. I often think that if I am supposed to be an "at home" Mom, then shouldn't my kiddos be "at home" with me? Or what's the point? This is why we've avoided preschool & are waiting for Kindergarten (which will be hard enough), can't I teach my precious girl her ABC's? I'm qualified for that! :)

With Brynn's specific needs for oral therapy I am sure that I'd be going through the same ringer of emotions. I am extremely impressed by your desire to help her yourself, & I also could understand the pull of feeling like she could benefit from going to daily therapy. So we'll keep you in our prayers, & I am certain you will be blessed, guided & directed to know what you should do. Love ya.

Tiffany said...

Follow your heart girl, just follow it!

Michael, Justine, and the Girls! said...

Natalie - this is Michael Ballard's wife Justine. I know you don't really know me so I feel bad offering my advice. If it's unwanted, please just disregard my message.

I teach autistic children. Obviously it's a very different situation than Bryn's, but it's the same type of thing - long hours of therapy recommended for very young kids. The reason for the long hours is that the intensity is important because at that age they are able to learn things so quickly. BUT, therapy for that age is certainly something you would be able to duplicate at home. If you were able to consult with the right therapists and have them guide you, I don't see why you couldn't give Bryn the intensity she needs right at home. It could be like your home pre-school/therapy.

Natalie said...

Justine: VERY much appreciated comment. Please share your expertise any time. I'm especially glad you think I can do it!