Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Busy Week

Since my last post I have:
  • Finished a 4-week course on how to use the totally awesome sewing machine my mother-in-law got for me (Wow! How do you say an adequate thank you for such a great gift?!)
  • Read over 300 pages of text on homeschooling and education
  • Read a great book called "The Question of God:C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life" by a Harvard professor...very compelling and a highly recommended book!
  • Made 6 loaves of wheat bread from scratch--and when I say from scratch, I mean I even started with whole-kernel wheat, which I had to mill into bread flour.
  • Handled a diaper blow out that required 1 hour and 45 minutes to clean up (Brynn slid her bum down each of the 24 carpeted steps and crawled around on the bed with a giant queen quilt plus a bunch of Heidi's baby blankets before I realized the extent of the damage).
  • Completed 11 loads of laundry (see previous bullet point)
  • Won a 45-minute power struggle with a very determined 2 year old
  • Painted a practice run for a very important commission
  • Survived a 2-hour power outage while (1) nursing a very hungry Heidi, (2) comforting a very clingy and terrified Brynn, and (3) finishing up the chili for my very exhausted husband (whose white-knuckle drive from work took twice as long as usual in the storm).
  • Said the final goodbye to my parents who will serve an 18-month mission for my church in Georgia (we are house-sitting while they are gone)
  • Moved Heidi's, Matt's, and my stuff from the basement to the upstairs rooms (see previous bullet point).

Well, I was feeling all sorts of super-woman-y and domestic goddess-y until I ate a handful of microwaved popcorn and choked so bad I was still getting small kernels out of my nasal passages 30 minutes later. Nice, Nat.

And now, I am SO ready for bed. I'll get photos posted soon of all my fun stuff above.

2011Res: To Matt: I love that you can hold a baby, read a book about how to be a good money-manager, and watch sports at the same time. Who says only girls multi-task? To my girls: this week I savored a lot--especially how we all huddled together in the dark and somehow my presence made you both feel safe. Dear Mr H: this week, everything I did was for you. But I hope the long to-do list made you extra grateful for the lotioned massage of your dry, cracked hands and feet!

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Pieces of me... said...

Wow... That's quite a bit of fun there, haha... aside from the 24 steps you had to clean :)