Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home to the Flu

Dear Mr. Surgeon:

Despite what you say about kids with fundos being able to vomit when they really need to--like when they have the flu--NOT TRUE. Although Brynn gave it a valiant retching effort every 15-20 minutes from 11:30 PM to 4 AM last night. My poor baby.

2011Res: To Matt: I love how much sympathy you have for our girls. Your soft side is so sweet. To my girls: today I savored our cuddle time. I'm sorry it had to be because you were sick. Dear Mr H: today I ran the errand you needed to do and dropped my own errand so you could relax and we could have more family cuddling time.

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Anna said...

That's so sad! I'm sorry. I hope she gets better fast. And I hope your trip was enjoyable!