Monday, April 11, 2011

Reader Research

I've just gotta know before I can made a decision about some things I want to write:

I have my reasons for writing, but why do YOU, personally, read my blog?

Do you just simply want to see how the kids are doing and what is going on in our lives? Or is it more? Do you tend to skip things when I get long-winded? Or do you appreciate my lengthy essays? Do you really just prefer pictures? Or are you a reader? Is your curiosity about the kiddos? Or what's going on in my (rather active) thoughts? Just doing a little "market research" :)

2011Res: To Matt: I love how hard you've been trying lately to learn my "love language." It's meant the world to me and you get 1,000 brownie points, redeemable in any way you choose :) To Brynn: I savor your little mistakes while learning language. I pointed out a picture of Jesus riding the "donkey" during his triumphal entry and you replied, "BIG doggie! Ruff ruff." Close, babe. Close. To Heidi I savored your new trick of fist play during nursing: first it was clutch for dear life, then it was "kneading" me, and lately it's been sticking your fist straight in the air like you're saying "Girl Power!" Dear Mr H: today I made you pancakes so you'd have a full belly before you left for an entire week on business. We miss you already :(


Matt and Tommi +4 said...

I read because you inspire me. I love to hear your insights and thoughts and opinions. Pictures and updates are good too. It is harder to read everything if you get long winded but I say go for it. In a way this is a journal for you as well so who cares if everyone reads everything.
Love your guts!

Heather said...

I agree--write whatever you want and I'll read whatever I want out of it ;). I'm biased but I love hearing about the family and kiddos and seeing pictures. I also love your thoughts too though. Its good discussion material for Mitch and I and it lets me know more about my wonderful sister in law. I don't always read everything in the long posts though.

Unknown said...

I read for several reasons.
First, I love you. And I love hearing about what is important to you. It's also kind of fun to see your sassy side.

Second, I am amazed by the strength you have (for example, I love reading your faith-filled posts about your pregnancies and Brynn's early days in the NICU and stuff). You share insights that inspire and that I don't think I would learn in a whole life of trials. You are a deep and spiritual thinker, and I love that.

Third, I think your children are adorable.

Fourth, I also love the thoughtfulness and research and time you put into your posts. Yes they may be long, but they are will written and informative. I love that they aren't all fluff (like mine), and I read EVERYTHING.

Finally (I think), I'm very intrigued by homeschooling, so I'm loving your research, since I haven't started thinking about it yet.

Walden Mommy said...

Because we miss you and I love keeping up with you and the girls! And we need more pics! :)

Megan said...

I read because I love to keep updated with what's going on in your life, as well as Matt's and the kids. Your photography skills are off the charts, so I LOVE the pictures. I also find your longer posts very fascinating and envy the courage you have to share that with the unknown. I never leave comments because I'm always reading google reader from my phone, which doesn't allow flash "word verification," and therefore I become that peeping tom that knows every last detail about you. :) Lately, I'm a big fan of your 2011Res stuff. Cute stories!

Pieces of me... said...

I love pictures of your fam, it is my favorite. But I have also found much insight into many areas of life while reading your blog. So continue what your doing, because i love it! :)

Erin said...

i found your blog shortly after brynn was born and read to learn about what was going on with her. i thought your faith and attitude were really inspiring. then, i especially appreciated keeping up when you were pregnant with heidi. something difficult had happened to my family at that time and i had all but concluded that miracles and healings just DO NOT happen. your story gave me hope to the contrary.

now i just check every once in a while. your thoughts on homeschooling are interesting. i don't plan to homeschool my kids, but, although i used to think homeschooling was CRAZY, you and other friends have convinced me that it's not. my opinion is it depends on the kids, the parent, the family, etc. and that we shouldn't automatically rule any options out and should be open to whatever options we feel inspired are best for our particular situation. regardless, i admire how concerned and devoted and thoughtful you are for your daughters' welfare. i'm more of the, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type ... and need to do better.

i hadn't checked for a while and had to see what all the fuss was about. i thought your post about your experiences in public school was really interesting. so ironic that i think many of us felt the EXACT same way in high school and yet assumed we were the only ones who felt that way. i hope to teach my kids to be nicer and more compassionate to others than i was.

Erin said...

i should add that i'm erin white from high school (and your fourth grade and A.L.L. class :-)) in case that wasn't clear.

Anna said...

I just love hearing about your kids AND your thoughts! There's nothing about your blog that I don't like.

And when your posts are extra long, I usually hold off on reading them until I have a little more time. It took a few weeks to finish up the home schooling ones. But I still always read it all of the way through, and I'm always glad that I did!

Tamera Westhoff said...

I read your blog to: Keep track of you and your family, hear what you think about big things, see your pictures, see how you paint (I don't know how I'm ever going to find time, and skills) and just read. I read even the long posts! I think you're awesome!