Friday, May 13, 2011

Rough Week

I've been asked several times how Brynn is doing--especially with her tube weaning. There is a reason I haven't posted much. The honest truth is, we're back to square one.

I thought we were past this:

But we're not, yet. Sigh.

I'm still hoping most of it is due to the fact that she had the flu and then a bad cold, but only time will tell.

On a happier note, today I was able to give her an entire day's worth of food and water through her tube with only ONE tiny retch. Considering she was retching every 10 minutes for several hours on Wednesday--even on only 1/2 as much Pedialyte as she needs to stay hydrated--this is an improvement. I have not ever, ever, ever seen her retch so much--not even in the beginning prior to her G-tube surgery.

The funny thing about Brynn's retching, though, is her ability to recover so quickly. After violently dry heaving for 10-30 seconds, she rebounds with a smile. I, on the other hand, don't recover quite as quickly! I've had a few good cries this week.

But I've also been surprised. I thought I'd feel more discouraged than I do, but I think what I feel is more like...mmmm...acquiescence? It's almost like I just can't care anymore. And at this point there is only one way to go ... up!

2011Res: To Matt: I love how tight you and your family are. To Brynn: today I savored our first relatively healthy day in a while! To Heidi: I savored the fact that you never get sick (gotta love breastfeeding!) Dear Mr H: today I didn't complain that you were absent on our date night. I hope you have fun tonight!

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