Friday, July 15, 2011

Catching Up

I've been avoiding you, Blog, for a lot of reasons; but at this point, one big reason is because the further behind I get, the more and more this becomes an enormous chore. And I, for one, don't need any more chores!

Well, here I go, anyway, with what could have been about 20 different posts (it took two serious weeks of sorting these photos, most of which were taken on my NEW CAMERA, so enjoy):

From the "development" side of things, Brynn and Heidi are both doing well. Although Brynn is not eating much of anything (we're still struggling with chronic retching), Heidi is chowing down on anything in sight:

Brynn has grown into quite the determined stroller pusher ("Bwynn hewp wif a stroyyer!"):

Heidi is also sitting up well and liking tummy time more and more. She's just started scooting backwards but isn't yet crawling forward:

Summer has brought a lot of fun for our family, including our first family hike in the mountains! I loved IL and KS but, oh, how I missed my mountains:

I must confess, though, I had almost as much fun dressing Heidi up for the hike as I did going up the mountain:

Aside from hiking, Brynn also rode a pony for her first time at Thanksgiving Point. She must inherit her love of horses from her mother since she had an enormous grin the whole time:

She was pretty mad when it was all over:

Another great summer day, we had a great time feeding the ducks; but keeping Brynn out of the water was almost as tough as taking her off the pony:

Most days we just head to the park, which is always a big hit--especially when we get to be with cousins. Here's Brynn with her cousin Shelby, who adores Brynn and pushes her in swings:

Shelby even performed for her on the bouncy spaceships:

Now that Shelby has moved to Texas (*tear*) it's no wonder that Brynn asks almost every day, "Shewby in Kexas?" In fact, she asks so often, I bought a map so I could show her where Texas is. Sigh. Brynn misses you, Shelby!

Luckily, cousin Jason is still around to keep Brynn company. They are two peas in a pod:

But sometimes those pea pods get a little crowded:

But even when cousins aren't available for fun in the sun, Daddy is a great back-up:

Most park days, Heidi just gets tired watching all the big kids play:

Tired, that is, until she realizes she has your attention:

All summer activities aside, though, nothing beats hanging out in the back yard with Daddy, especially when you get to act out Hop on Pop in REAL LIFE:

Careful, Brynn. That landing isn't as soft as it looks:

OH! How I love my little munchkins!

2011Res: To Matt: I love your voracious appetite for good books. To my girls: today I savored the squeals and giggles every time either of you sees a dog or cat. It's music to my ears! Dear Mr H: today I took Brynn off your hands when I could tell you were on your last nerve. Hope you got some good reading in :)


Jenn Ross said...

Love the pictures! Miss you but glad you are enjoying Utah!

Kate said...

I'm glad to finally see these pictures. I'm glad you usually have a camera around when I don't. We miss Shelby too, but we are glad to have you guys close.

John said...


I read your blog. I do not know you. I really like your home school articles, and I was wondering if I could use part of your Homeschool V article on my blog? You can email me at

Natalie said...

You're welcome to use the article on your blog Diane. Maybe someday we'll meet each other :)