Monday, November 24, 2008

As Promised . . .

Here's the movie clip I promised of Brynn's funny facial expressions:

My best guess to some of her antics is that she's trying to chew off the ventilator tube!

As for an update, Brynn's pretty much the same--her PDA comes and goes, her oxygen goes up and down, and her antibiotics are getting rid of the infection. Now that she's off the Indocin, though, she's quickly getting back to full feeds and is growing like a weed as a result. Her head has already gained 3 cm in circumference (total), and she finally broke 2 lbs tonight! Not bad for her 4-week anniversary.

Until next time,


tclybb said...

Congratulations on the two pounds mark! Its amazing what difference every little ounce makes. She's so cute! I think babies have the cutests expressions. Some make you laugh, others make you just want to cry they look so sad. Thanks for sharing.

Jeppsen's said...

I'm a friend of Paul Finns and i just happened to click on your blog and saw your sweet baby. We just went through a similiar situation with our nephew. A premie born 4 1/2 month early. He received miracle after miracle and will be 1 in a month. Stay positive. Even though those around may not be so. Good luck you can see their blog at Sometimes it helps to see or even talk with those that have been through it. Jen

Nelsonranch said...

Heya Natalie-I was just reading more of your posts to get an update of where lil' Brynn was at. I am glad she is doing well. She is a tough one and so is her mom & dad. I think it is ok to complain a bit and release pent up stress that way. It is so hard to pump often and loose sleep because of it. I hope all your work will pay off. It is doable. I nursed my 29 weeker twins for over a year- 16 months if you count the pumping months. Just be aware that when you do start nursing her full time, your baby and your milk supply may not match: ask your nurse how to deal with that. Nursing twins is tough, I felt like they were sucking the life from me. You will be amazed at how far you both have come when you look back in three months, or 6 months. My boys are now almost 2 yrs and i can't believe how time has flown. The breast feeding is well worth the effort you give. let me know what I can do- if just to talk and share stories- Rach