Friday, November 21, 2008

A Few Good Shots

During her tough week, Brynn's bilirubin also shot way higher than normal so she had to go back on the blue lights for the jaundice. It was good timing since I planned to revisit the ring shot to show how much she's grown. So not only will you get the comparison of the ring, but you'll also notice a difference in the size of the black eye mask, too. The date of these photos is Tuesday, November 18th, which is three weeks and a day from when she was born (28 weeks gestational age).
Here is a shot of my hands next to my baby girl. I can't believe how big she's getting! Keep in mind, though, that since cameras distort things close to the lense she actually does look a little bigger in this photo (compared to my hands) than she is in real life:
And this one is for all my deaf friends (no I didn't pose her hand like that, but you can bet I ran as fast as I could to get my camera before she moved!):PS--for my friends who are not sign-language literate, Brynn is making the hand sign for "I love you" like a pro.

I'll have the video posted as soon as I get a chance to do some editing.



Danyelle Ferguson said...

Look at her teeny tiny hand! She's just beautiful! I've been keeping you in my prayers. Much love.

The Diggins Family said...

She sure is looking bigger. I love the hand sign - so tender!

Ryan, Melissa, and Family said...

She is SO precious! The little hand sign is so...Sweet:)

Anonymous said...

The "I love you" sign is SO CUTE!!! :)