Sunday, September 12, 2010

15 Minutes of Freedom

Yesterday was the NICU reunion--just outside the hospital--and I was excited to go because my OB had given me permission before she was off for the weekend to go out there in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, the doc on call for the weekend was less optimistic and told me I couldn't go ... but that if I did, it better not be more than 20 minutes. I'll admit, he quickly became my least favorite doctor in my OB's group (for that and a few other reasons).

Now don't get me wrong--I am willing to make sacrifices just to make sure Heidi gets the best chance possible. I take a shower every other day, even though I am allowed to take one every day; I keep my bed at a lower angle than I am allowed; and I stay as relaxed as I can. But I really didn't think sitting in a wheelchair for a short time was going to be THE last straw that would trigger Heidi's arrival. Even the nurse was shaking her head at the on-call doc and assured me it'd be fine. Still, just to play it safe, I decided to only go out for 15 minutes.

So, I did it! I actually did get out of my room (though my camera was being a total pooper scooper and wouldn't take any pictures to prove it)! It was a glorious, happy 15 minutes of sunshine! The weather was beautiful! I saw lots of awesome friends I haven't seen for a while. I watched many happy micro preemies--who I remember hanging out on ventilators not too long ago--now running around like regular toddlers. Many hugs later, I returned to my hospital bed with a BIG smile on my face, grateful for just ONCE being able to get out of my room.

And best of all (neener neener to Doctor Pessimist), I'm still pregnant.



Marie said...

what an odd name for a doctor... :) glad you got to be free for a little bit!

Pieces of me... said...

haha Natalie you are such a hoot! I'm glad you got to breath alittle bit, it was probably even wonderful for little Heidi too! :)


by the start of the paragraph I thought maybe you'd had Heidi and she was in the NICU, phew! So glad you were able to get out! Good luck this week!

Mari Guenther

Unknown said...

Hey Nat, this article reminded me of you and Brynn. What an amazing gift this little bit of technology is.

Audrey said...

I saw you outside! You were busy talking to someone. So glad you made it outside. You are doing awesome!