Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Simple Joys

This morning I was privileged to watch this beautiful sunrise out my hospital window (photos never do justice to skies):

And then thought it was a perfect day to appreciate a particularly nice housekeeper, Mei, who goes above and beyond in her work:


I love savoring the simple joys in life. What are your simple joys lately?

Happy to still be pregnant,


Pieces of me... said...

Now that towel folding is just awesome! My simple joys for me lately are my kids success in growing and learning. Cami learning to read, Alex figuring out basic math, and Carson recognizing alphabet letters... simple and basic but it brings alot of happiness.

Brady and Rachel said...

Right now...that my first grader LOVES school! When he tells me, 1st grade is even better than kindergarten, I smile. Maybe because I realize these moments may not last long. I LOVE that he loves school. Also watching my baby girl walking around and when she smiles at me. Its been a long time coming on the walking, so it is a joy! to see her enjoying it. And the weather right before it begins to rain! I don't know why, but I LOVE IT, the smell, the look and everything. I just do.

Anna said...

My two favorite parts of my day are when it's time to put my baby down for his nap (YES! Time to get things done!) and when I get him up from his nap. :) He always gives me the most loving smiles. I miss him when he sleeps. I think he misses me, too.

Brady and Rachel said...

Happy 31 Weeks I'm hoping!!!! :) :) Prayers your way.