Thursday, September 2, 2010

Battle to the Birth

My uterus declared war last night. Although we suffered a few losses, we won the battle and I'm still pregnant.

Our victories:
-My water hasn't broken
-Heidi's hanging out, happy as can be with a heart rate as steady as a steam engine. She's swimming around in the uterus instead of dropping down into the canal (someday she'll get an ice cream cone for that good behavior).

Our casualties:
-I'm 100% effaced, dilated to a 3 (with a baby Heidi's size, I only need to be dilated to a 6 to be complete)
-I'm much less stable and definitely not going home on bed rest
-I'm back on the magnificent mag at least until tomorrow morning:

(It's only fair after the less-than-flattering photo of my dad that I show I'm my father's daughter. Isn't the resemblance amazing?)

So bottom line, the only thing keeping me pregnant is (1) a cervix as thin as a piece of paper with a hole 1/2 the size of Heidi's head, (2) the amniotic membrane (bag of waters)...and (3) a miracle from God.

The OB says it's still possible for me to remain pregnant for many more weeks to come, but we definitely won't make it if I have another episode similar to what we had last night. So, as always, the key will be to stay on top of the contractions with a vengeance...and pray our guts out.



Unknown said...

Oh I feel so much empathy for you. That picture of you is pretty much how I felt all of last monday. Of course, my suffering was over in a few hours, rather than the days/weeks that you may have. Hang in there little Heidi! And our prayers are with you all.

Anna said...

Maybe my prayer last night worked! You're still pregnant! I'll pray again tonight and hopefully it will work again. Hang in there. I'm just so glad that you're past 28 weeks.

Mara said...

praying for you, Natalie... and for Matt ... and for Brynn ... and for Heidi. May the Lord bless you and Keep you (pregnant).

Alyson said...

So, so glad you're past 28 weeks. Keeping the fingers, toes, and prayers crossed!

Kirsten said...

Wow...glad she's still in there! 29 weeks tomorrow! ironic how you're doing everything to keep your little girl in, and I'm doing everything I can to get mine out! (Though, obviously, mine's time is about up...yours isn't)

Pieces of me... said...

Hang in there little Heidi! You too Natalie! You're in our prayers.

Brady and Rachel said...

Yikes! Saying a prayer for you tonight! and each night. 29 weeks tomorrow?! Each day counts for so much right! Praying for your body to handle the mag that you have to have, and hoping you don't have to stay on it much longer. Also, hope Matt's job is going great thus far.

Audrey said...

29 WEEKS!!!!! Congratulations.
I hope you are doing okay.