Friday, October 15, 2010

35 Weeks and FREE

I am officially off bed rest.

Today, I got my baby out of bed. I rocked, changed, bathed, dressed, and fed her. I played with her. I enjoyed her!

I took my father to the World War I Museum in Kansas City to thank him for his service--not only for all he's done for me, but also for his own military sacrifice. He loved it. I walked around so much my back, legs, and feet are killing me but I smiled at each shot of pain because at last I was free!

Here's my Pops:

Finally, we went to dinner at a restaurant to celebrate and now I'm relaxing at home, smiling that I can get up any time I feel like it.

Ah, it was a great day. I can't believe it didn't send me into labor!



Angela Hill said...

and now that you have made it this far stuck on bed rest you'll go two weeks past your due date and have to be induced!!! Congratulations on staying prego for so long and for getting off bed rest!!!

Alyson said...

Angela's probably right? Aw, welcome back to the ambulatory world. Congrats on 35 weeks, so excited to hear about Heidi's eventual arrival. Maybe you'll make 36 after all!!

Anna said...

YES! This makes me so happy, :D Unbelievable.


Wow, that's amazing. You made it to 35 weeks. You'll probably be able to just do a 48 hour stay after delivery and head home with a healthy baby. can't wait to hear the news!

Brady and Rachel said...

That's CRAZY!!!! that you didn't go into labor after even an hour of that? Dialated to a 5.. But CRAZY AWESOME too I guess. When does Matt leave? Tomorrow? How fun to be the mommy you've been wanting to be again for so long!