Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weird Dreams

I had some seriously weird dreams last night. Hilarious.

In one, we had used a new technology for incubating Heidi by putting her in a cocoon and implanting her back into my uterus. Except we'd forgotten that we'd used the new technology. So when she was born (at full term) and the cocoon was only the size of a 2 lb baby, I finally realized why she was measuring so small on the sonograms. Also, because of her tiny size, I didn't even realize I was in labor and she came in 10 minutes. Not only did Daddy miss the delivery, but so did everyone else except the nurse. The nurse and I had to cut off the 15 layers of cocoon wrap really fast so Heidi could breathe.

In another one, I had been using the bathroom so much that we ran out of toilet paper and I was forced to use the shop towels I buy for my paintings. Only they're the size of paper towel rolls, so we had to cut them in thirds.

In the last one, I was breastfeeding Heidi using a newspaper between us. When I finally realized how ineffective it was and latched her on correctly, her suction was the strength of a shop vac.

Can you tell what I am most worried about? Apparently I'm worried that I won't know when I'm really in labor (since I was tricked the last time I had contractions 2-5 minutes apart for 5 hours), that Heidi will come really fast by the time I finally figure out she's coming, that Matt will miss the delivery, and that I'll have no idea how to breastfeed.

For the record, however, I am not worried about running out of toilet paper.

At least I had the best night's sleep I've had in months and woke up laughing!

PS If spending 5 hours today shopping, wandering around malls, taking Brynn for a walk down the street several times, carrying Brynn back from the walk because she refuses to come home, and going out to eat with my hubby isn't enough to bring on labor (which it hasn't yet), all bets are off with when this kid is going to arrive.


Tiffany said...

breastfeeding will go great, it takes dedication and determination, which i'm pretty sure you have both!! You will absolutely love the bond it will bring to you and Heidi. And you'll know when she's coming, mom's always do!

Carrie said...

Well, at least when the baby comes, you will know for sure you were in labor :). I went to the hospital (checked in and everything) twice before the real trip with Josh, so I got pretty paranoid too! I only was in the hospital for about an hour before he came since I waited so long, so I would still advocate going just in case. Those are some great dreams!

Trish said...

I laughed so hard Natalie. SO hard.

Unknown said...

This was hysterical! The shop vac breastfeeding made me laugh out loud. Pregnancy dreams are SO funny! Yours have lots of textiles in them (cocoon layers, shop towels, newspaper). I wonder what that means...

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Don't worry about breastfeeding. You'll get it figured out. I was terrified with my first two kids, but was a pro with the 3rd and 4th. My problem with them was making them quit! =)

So happy things are going well for you guys!