Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Any Day Now . . .

I think I'm beginning to feel something I never imagined I would: the way full-term moms feel when they're approaching 40 weeks (or more) and the thought "Any Day Now..." begins to lose its aura of exciting anticipation and instead gets a little monotonous. Especially since I've been thinking "Any Day Now..." since 24 weeks.

But, in my case, it really is better for the baby to get to 35, 36, or even 37 weeks. So at the same time the "Any Day Now..." is becoming hum drum, I'm also thinking, "Come on Heidi, just a few more days--you can do it!"

It's a strange paradox of feelings.

I'll confess, too, that sleep is getting harder and harder. I wake up at regular intervals, thanks to Heidi's crowding of the bladder; and because I've been on bed rest so long, I can't just be a zombie until I do the deed and crawl back in bed. Walking to the loo is actually getting really hard. With ligaments and muscles that have never had a chance to develop the strength to carry my growing belly, walking that short distance involves shooting pain in my lower abdomen and a heart that races like I just ran a 50-yard dash. Forget about going back to sleep.

Makes me love atrophy--it brings a new meaning to "I'm fallen pregnant and I can't get up!"

Again with the paradox, though, I really am still grateful to be pregnant and I really am happy for every extra day I get! Go, Heidi, go!



Unknown said...

This sounds very much like our most recent post. My mom's daily text messages of "Is he here yet?" are starting to drive me a bit crazy. I'm tempted to send her a picture of a friend's baby and say "Yes! Here he is!" but Doug says that is really, really mean.

Laura said...

First, you and Miss H are rock stars a nd you know it!
Second, I don't know if this makes if any better but, when I was 34+ plus week, the insomnia hit. I would wake to use the bathroom and be unable to sleep. I sorely wished for a movie channel. I can still tell you what is on HGTV at 2 am!
And, um, congrads on feeling the late pregnancy pains? :)

Kate said...

It is a cruel irony that sleepless nights start BEFORE the baby comes. I am sort of sorry you have to experience it like the rest of us have, but it's all for a good cause.