Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Define "Active Labor"

According to what I've been told, the difference between active and false labor is that "active labor" is defined as contractions that change the cervix. Does that mean I've been in "active labor" for over 12 weeks?

Today I found out I am dilated to 6 cm. I'm having contractions every 10-15 minutes. As usual, the prognosis is any day now ...

But because I'm so far dilated, the OB is getting nervous. I need to be on IV antibiotics to help Heidi prevent GBS sepsis; and we won't have time if I'm already at 6 cm--in fact, I might not even have time to get to the hospital for delivery at all.

So, she wants me to be induced no later than Saturday which is the same date we had scheduled before--at 37 weeks and 1 day. Sigh. I wish I didn't have to rush Heidi's entrance, but I'd rather give her one less week than risk delivering in the car or having a repeat of GBS like we had with Brynn. In fact, 1 out of 5 babies that get GBS die. If we hadn't already been in the hospital with Brynn at the time the infection flared up, she surely would have been one of those who were lost. I shudder at the thought.

So, 37 weeks and 1 day it is. That is, if Heidi doesn't decide to come on her own before then.

The GREAT news is, as long as I can wait 5 more hours, Matt will be home from UT for GOOD until we move. So he'll definitely make the delivery. HOORAY!

Lastly, we hope Heidi waits 5 more hours so our girls won't share a birthday! Yes, today is Brynn's birthday. We'll celebrate tomorrow when Matt comes home and can join us. Stay tuned!



Laura said...

exciting! you will have your little Halloween baby!

I'm praying you will have a swift and easy delivery and a super healthy baby with no GBS at all!

TiAnn said...

How excitng you're so close, & what a miracle it has been to witness your prolonged pregnancy. We are so very happy for you, & we pray your delivery of precious baby Heidi goes well!

Anna said...

I'm so excited! It's great that Matt will be there, and 37 weeks and one day is perfect. And if I were you, I'd totally feel more comfortable being induced at 37 weeks and one day rather than risk GBS. And who wants to deliver in the car, anyway? Not me.

It's gonna be great. :D I'll be praying for you, and looking forward to a blog post for Heidi's arrival.

And happy birthday to Brynn! She's no longer got an adjusted age! She's just 2!

Brady and Rachel said...

Well, you don't have to stress or worry about the date anymore or rushing Heidi here because medically it is what your doctor feels is best for the baby. The benefits DEFINITELY outweigh the negatives and the Lord is watching out for you guys! If he helps her hold off till Saturday just think of it as he is helping her to get to the best day for her to come (healthwise). I am hoping for you that she does hold off till Saturday (for fear of you not getting there in time and her getting GBS.) I got to the hospital with my 2nd and was already a 6 and it definitely didn't take long to reach a 10 at that point and for him to arrive (AND he had a BIG head - all my kiddos do- We thank their daddy for that. :) ) so to think you are already a 6 at home blows my mind and a little girl in there won't take much to come out. Prayers coming your way!! Praying for a safe and healthy delivery!

Mara said...

Wow! Heidi Hunsaker, come on down! You're the next contestant... anyhoo, I am excited for you and hope that you have a nice, chill delivery. WOW! We'll be prayin!