Monday, October 25, 2010

False Alarm #372

Let the record show I was NOT fooled this time. I knew it wasn't the real thing. But, because I was already 5.5 cm, was contracting every few minutes, and the baby had dropped really low, my husband insisted we go to the hospital just to make sure Heidi didn't surprise us by being born in the car. His concerns were certainly valid, eh?

When we arrived in triage, the nurse said I was still at 5.5 cm and 100% effaced, that the baby was fully engaged in the pelvis, and the bag of waters was really bulging big time. But after 4 hours of monitoring, even though I was having pretty regular contractions for most of it, they still decided to let me go home. After all, I've been doing this same thing for weeks now.

So, anyway, no baby yet!

Sometimes I think my my uterus is a yo-yo and my amniotic sac is made of leather.

Although, I'm grateful for leather because it's way better than Brynn's sac, which was made of tissue paper.



Natalie said...

To Lyndsay if you read this: all those textiles were for you :)

Brady and Rachel said...

SHEESH! What else is there to say. Other than, can't wait to see what this little baby girl is like when she gets out, because she sure is quite the teeser while in.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun trip. =) I'm glad things are going well. When you do go into labor, it just may be super quick, like Matt's worried about. Good luck! Can't wait to see a birth announcement!

Lori said...

Let's hope that Heidi is more well-behaved as a baby than she is as a fetus. :-)