Monday, December 20, 2010

Mommy's Helper

With my free time I worked on this instead of blogging:

Emilia, 14"x11"

But it's okay because I haven't had a ton of noteworthy things to blog about. Aside from trying to settle in, we've mostly been up to the usual daily routines around here. Since with a newborn that usually entails getting barely enough sleep, and trying to manage the basics like eating and pooping. But sometimes boogers shake up the routine a little and offer some laughs.

The Plan:

The Execution:

The Look of Innocence:

Ah, Mommy's little helper.


Mommy P said...

You are amazing! I saw that photo and thought "I know that little girl! That's Elizabeth's daughter!" Then I scrolled down and saw the name. WOW!

Your girls are adorable...and helpful!

The Lingo Family said...

Love it.

Kate said...

Looks like something Jason would do if he could get the plunger and baby together at the same time.

Brady and Rachel said...

Haha! Baylee makes that same innocent face! LOVE IT! Your work is AMAZING Nat! So impressed and so glad you are sharing it on this blog, because I'm not very good at checking multiple blogs, but would love to see what you've created now and then.