Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Post Surgery

The good: surgery went well and Brynn recovered better than we could have hoped. She recovered faster than anyone expected and ate more (orally) in one day than she has in the last month combined.

The bad: I got the flu the night Brynn had surgery and had to quarantine myself from her. May I just say, THANK HEAVENS for Grandma Diane's willingness to watch Heidi? May I also just say, the worst thing in the world is to have to LEAVE your child, for the sake of your child, right after they've had surgery.

The ugly: Brynn and Heidi got the same flu yesterday, despite my best efforts at hand-washing. Luckily, it attacked mostly the back end instead of the top end.

The upside: Brynn has only thrown up ONCE--which is remarkable since any kind of bug like this prior to surgery would have had her retching up to 12 times a day. It's too soon to tell if she'll continue to vomit regularly like she did prior to surgery, but I'm still hoping this was only her flu bug.

Pre-surgery photo op:

The only smile we could get for the next 24 hours:

Recovering after surgery:

Starting to get around (the nurses' goal was around 20 ft 4 times per day, Brynn did more like 200 feet 4 times per day!):

The bad thing is this flu. We've had a lot of trouble getting meat on her bones for years. But three days of fasting after surgery and then a flu on top of that ... well, you get the picture:

The Scar is big, but that's because they can't do laparoscopic surgery twice (due to previous scar tissue):

2011Res: To Matt: I love that you NEVER get sick. How could we get through this if we were ALL sick? To my girls: today I savored the fact that the flu seems to be done with the worst. Dear Mr H: today I encouraged you that I will be okay while you are out of town on business for the next three days. I hope you can work with a clear head!


Anna said...

I am SO glad that things seem to be looking better! Hopefully little Brynn will grow and feel better and start wanting to eat more very soon, and this nightmare will be all over! I wish I had known that you were sick! I would have brought you soup or something!

Alyson said...

So glad everything went well. What terrible timing for gastroenteritis to hit! But I hope she goes great guns with the eating as soon as she feels better, and I really, really hope she ends up with a best-case scenario.

Jenn Ross said...

Aw, Brynn is gorgeous, even though she just had surgery and has the flu. What a beauty! I'm glad everything went well and I hope you all feel better soon!

Angela Hill said...

I'm so glad things went well. Hope you all are recovered from that yucky flu.